I’ve Gone Local

I’ve Gone Local is a social awareness project meant to raise awareness about the importance of shopping locally for food and how it can help the environment, the economy and the health of the general public. By using magazine, outdoor, and digital promotional ads, the project hopes to place emphasis on the mission in urban areas that tend to be less exposed to information about the importance of the mission. By showing produce and a bright logo, it stands out in concrete urban areas and is meant to inspire viewers to seek fresh and local ingredients when they can.

I’ve Gone Local: Farmers Market Meals

This cookbook was originally designed for a separate project. The book is divided into four sections, one for each season, and gives recipes that utilize ingredients that are in season.

This cookbook is one in a notional series where each book would focus on a different USDA Plant Hardiness Zone as it pertains to various Urban focal point cities. This book focuses on the DC, Maryland and , Virginia (DMV) area, specifically Northern Virginia.

Artwork adapted from images under the Fair Use Act for use in an educational setting, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Published by Carlee_mutschler

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