Craft in a Can®

Bootlegged Lemonade® released August 2020

My relationship with MurLarkey began with this can! There have been MANY versions over the last year, but one thing has remained the same and that is the graphic that I created for my first concept.

The “Lemon Barrel” is a composite of graphics that came to me when I was first approached by MurLarkey for some design ideas for their new canned craft cocktails. The drink was originally called “Clemoncy Irish Lemonade” made with real MurLarkey Lemon Infused Whiskey.

The brand evolved into the “Bootlegged” cocktail series.

Craft in a Can® Cocktails now include:

  • Bootlegged Lemonade
  • Bootlegged Cider (not yet released)
  • Bootlegged Tea (not yet released)

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