The Tie Dye Eye

The Tie Dye Eye is a conceptual online retail store that specialized is needlework crafts, with a main focus on counted cross stitch patterns and kits. This piece focuses on package design for this brand. The designs include cross stitch kit clear bags with toppers, shopping bags, business cards, and online order packaging.


Genflix is an offshoot of Netflix that targets seniors. The design is meant to be simpler to use and navigate by having the menu only scrolling up and down. There is also a remote control that matches what viewers see on the screen and has very few buttons. This design lessens confusion and makes operatingContinue reading “GENFLIX”

The Bootleg Boys Bible

Drink Recipes for the Baptized First Edition ©2020 Working with the management team at MurLarkey we created the first edition of The Bootleg Boys Bible: Drink Recipes for the Baptized. With InDesign I used master pages to determine layout and typography, organize the pages to fit the printing specs, add design elements, and provide copyContinue reading “The Bootleg Boys Bible”

Craft in a Can®

My relationship with MurLarkey began with this can! There have been MANY versions over the last year, but one thing has remained the same and that is the graphic that I created for my first concept. The “Lemon Barrel” is a composite of graphics that came to me when I was first approached by MurLarkeyContinue reading “Craft in a Can®”

Zandra’s Taqueria

I was asked to create Facebook Profile pictures for each location. The client wanted to make sure each location’s page was easily identified by the image. I chose to alter the logo colors and add the large banner with the location name. Users can now quickly associate the color with the specific location. Photography PhotoContinue reading “Zandra’s Taqueria”