Wayfinding Project

First Landing State Park New Concept

First Landing State Park, also known as Seashore State Park, is located on Cape Henry in North Virginia Beach. The park is 2,888 acres and has a variety of activities for visitors. This project is redesigning the wayfinding system for the hiking and biking trails. The current system utilizes a trail blaze and marker system that can be found in most state parks, but there are some very obvious problems that needed to be addressed. The main issue is the visibility of signage and trail blazes due poor color contrasting and lack of images. This project focuses on the trails and making blazes and signage more visible by use of color and positioning. In addition, adding markers with images more easily understood by less experienced park visitors.

Directional and Distance Markers

Informational Signs

Information signage. Adapted from the trail guide, these markers will now feature graphics and information about the location.

Trail Blazes

New trail blazes utilize color and shapes to make for easier identification, as well as accommodate color blind visitors.

Trail Maps and Keys